How to Care for your Jewelry & Wall Hangings

Jewelry: It is important to know that over time certain metals will naturally start to darken or patina. Most of my pieces are made with brass though I also use stainless steel, goldfill, sterling, copper and aluminum metals as well. Brass jewelry is resistant to corrosion, so it does not rust, but will possibly tarnish. (some pieces do and some don't I have found/depends on climate). The reason for the tarnish is that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which will naturally start to darken a bit when exposed to oxygen and definitely humidity. Some people actually like the patina of tarnished brass, since it serves as a protective layer for the brass and gives the piece(s) an antiqued look. 

No matter what the metal is, it is best to keep your jewelry DRY and in a safe location versus being stuffed in a pocket, purse or backpack or being slept or bathed in or left on the bathroom counter. Moisture is the ultimate enemy when it comes to brass and most metals. (Many stones can not get wet either.) If exposed to water, humid climates, skin lotions, oils or perfumes - again, some metals will start to antique.

Storing jewelry either wrapped in an anti-tarnish cloth and/or an anti-tarnish bag is the ultimate way to preserve the shine and quality. If not available, then any closed container or soft fabric bag will be better than none.  It is also best to please put your jewelry on last after lotions, hairsprays, perfumes, etc. Most people do not mind the antiqued look, but for those that do - you can clean and polish with a jewelry polishing cloth that has an anti tarnish formula infused in it. My all time favorite is SUNSHINE POLISHING CLOTHS (the yellow ones). They can be found on Amazon. 

Feather Care: Feathers need to be kept out of water and preferably hung up when not being worn. Feathers will take on the shape of their container or how they are stored. Please refrain from getting oils or creams or sunscreens on them. If they become crumpled, usually just hanging them up does the trick or they can be flattened in a book or using an iron or hair iron on the lowest setting. 

Wall Hangings: Most of the home decor can be hung directly in the sun, but for those pieces that have silk fabric on them, the silk will fade and start to decompose if exposed to direct sunlight. If the brass starts to patina, please see jewelry care above to clean and polish. 

Rings: If rings have stones in them, please remove before bathing or washing dishes and even washing hands if possible. If you wear your rings regularly, please note that sterling is malleable and can become dented from frequent pressure. Copper (when I electroplate rings) will also turn your skin green. 

Broken items: Since each item I sell is handcrafted with special care, upkeep of the metals and materials is the responsibility of the purchaser. With that said, if you have a piece that needs my TLC or a replacement, I am happy to assist as best as I can. Please just reach out to me via my Contact page or direct message me on Instagram @starluxjewels.