Greetings beautiful souls!

My name is Kimberly and I am the creator and artist behind Star Lux Jewels. 

I have been making jewelry since 1995 when I first made some earrings and hair sticks with random items to sell in a little coffee shop called The Java Haus in Girdwood, AK for extra cash. My hobby turned into obsession in 2005 when I walked into a local pottery shop near Breckenridge, CO and noticed an area called Back Room Beads. Right then I became fixated with gemstone beads and still am. Like many jewelers, I began by making creations for myself, family and friends. Before I knew it, I was stocking shops in my little ski resort town and things started to organically take off. I made and sold jewelry part time for years, selling primarily all over Colorado and in some areas of the east coast. Fast forward to Nov. 2019 - I left my teaching career to follow my passion in making jewelry full time. Needless to say - but I am anyways - I am in heaven! I am so grateful that things have come into full alignment and I truly feel supported by the universe, as I am now fulfilling my dreams. 

I was raised on the island of Hilton Head and parts of Beaufort, SC. After college,  I then made the trek out to Colorado when I was 24.  I became the cliché hardcore ski bum, lived in a cabin with no running water, then into a van while I travelled around British Columbia & Alaska with my then boyfriend / husband to be. Eventually we both became ski patrollers and I later went on to become an Interior Designer, which would have us settled back in Summit County, CO. My partner and I were together for 17 amazing years, before I sadly lost him to skin cancer. 

I now live in the best town in the Rockies... Carbondale! It is an inspiring, kickass, little mountain town full of artists, athletes and lovely families with passionate hearts. I love to ski, hike, run, garden, do yoga and hang with my family. 

My collection of jewelry, is a reflection of my journey. I pour my heart and soul into my creations with the intention to illuminate your Star Lux essence from within. Life is filled with many ups and downs, as we all have experienced. I want Star Lux Jewelry, when worn, to serve as a reminder of our individual uniqueness and a way to honor our past as we journey forward into the wild of amazing possibilities that lie ahead. 

Thank you for supporting STAR LUX Jewels.

Be Luminous! - Kimberly